Smart Cards

Smart CardSmart Cards are a convenient way for you to ride Spokane Transit. The cards can be used as 31-Day Passes, Monthly Passes, or as a Stored Value Card. Cards are read when tapped on the target on the farebox or at Customer Service at The Plaza. They can be reloaded with additional value and reused indefinitely.

What are the benefits of a Smart Card?

  • Can be used as a 31-Day Pass, Monthly Pass or a Stored Value Card.
  • More durable than traditional paper passes
  • Indefinitely re-useable and re-loadable
  • Board the bus faster
  • If you lose your card, you can get a replacement from Customer Service
  • Stored Value Cards deduct the fare amount per ride, so you never have to remember exact change

Using Smart Cards on Paratransit

Paratransit customers receive a Paratransit Eligibility Card that is also a Smart Card. Your ID can be used as a Monthly Pass or a Stored Value Card. It can be loaded month after month and can be used to pay fares on Paratransit vans and Spokane Transit buses. Visit Customer Service at The Plaza to load value on your Smart Card.

As you board a Paratransit van, hand your Smart Card to the driver who will scan it for you. Be sure to tell the driver if you have a Monthly Pass or Stored Value Card.

As you board a Spokane Transit bus, tell the driver you qualify for reduced fare before you pay.

Take Care of a Smart Card

Bending a Smart Card can break the technology within the card causing it to no longer work. Visit Customer Service for assistance. If no physical damage is visible, a new Smart Card may be issued free of charge, depending on the damage to the technology of the card. Reissue of a Smart Card with damage is $5.

Suggestions to keep your Smart Card damage free: Avoid placing a Smart Card in a wallet that will be sat on, avoid placing magnets near your Smart Card, and don’t attempt to use your Smart Card as a screwdriver or pry tool.

SmartCard Q&A

Where can I get one?

Customer Service at The Plaza.

Is there a set up fee?

No. You only need to pay for the fare you add to the card (31-Day Pass, Monthly Pass or Stored Value). There is no charge to re-load the card, but there is a $5 charge for replacement if you lose it.

What if I lose my card?

You will be required to pay the $5 replacement fee, but will not lose the remaining balance on your card. Make sure to register your card with Customer Service at the time of purchase to utilize this feature.

Do I still need to request a Two-Hour Pass from the driver if I need to transfer?

Yes, but only when used as a Stored Value Card. 31-Day Pass holders do not need to request a Two-Hour Pass.

Special Note

Smart cards are not legal identification and should only be used for Spokane Transit purposes.